Thursday, 6 July 2017

An Ode To The Benin Chiefs

An Ode To The Benin Chiefs (of old)
You provide an insight into the running of,
One of the most efficient administrative systems in the world;
King and Chiefs working hand in hand with the people,
To leave a legacy for all ages.
You flaunt not your riches,
They lie buried in the dust of age in store rooms,
In compound wells and on ancestral alters;
Diamond, gold or silver, appeal not to you.
You worship your head,
Which controls all your bodily functions,
Your intelligence is held in your head; therefore, 
You celebrate this annually in the Ague festival.
Your lesson to the world is,
Brains and intelligence,
Are what matter most in this life;
All earthly riches not.
You are an inspiration for,
All peoples,
All cultures,
Through all times.

​All hail the Benin chiefs (of old).