Market Activities

A local Market scene
Suggested activities
As part of an environmental study, take your class on a walk to the local market.

·       A camera
·       Selection of drawing and writing materials
·       Examples of different art works, market poems and stories, TV adverts 

Art activities

Photography: Take photographs of different scenes at the market to make a montage 

Make a clay model of the market. 

Freeze frame a scene at the market, use found materials to record this. 

Use a paint package to recreate a scene at the market. 

Use charcoal, chalk or pencil to draw a scene at the market. 

Make drawings of buildings, objects and people and put them together to create an imaginary scene at the market. 

Take a photo of a scene at the market, use a view finder to allocate parts of it to each child to paint and arrange final products in a class market portrait. 

Paint a soundscape of the market. 

Paint a scene of three people interacting at the market. 

Use different materials to make a collage of the market. 

Make a mosaic of a scene at the market. 

Make a painting of a scene at the market.
Still life: buy some fruit from the market and back in class, arrange these on a fruit bowl for children to sketch or paint. 

Distortions: Buy a couple of objects from the market, back in class, children draw and distort the picture. 

Cross curricular ideas:
Read and write market poems.
Read and write Market stories. 

Use your camera to take a picture of a transaction scene at the market, write a play script with the characters in the scene. 

Present your play to the class or at a whole school assembly. 

Design a poster to keep the market clean. 

Produce a ‘Visit This Market’ brochure. 

Drama & Role play: Produce a one minute TV advert to advertise a food product sold at the market and present this to others. 

Add the total cost of items purchased.

Work out the change received. 

Visit a discount sale shop, work out discount prices e.g. 10% off all clothes, how much is this for each item?  

Work out sum to pay after discount of sale price. 

Which item has the biggest discount in the shop?

Calculate the VAT for your purchase.

Calculate total mass of items in the shopping bag? 

Purchase accurate measures of ingredients for a meal. 

Calculate total shopping time. 

Digital technology:
Use an internet or Smartphone app to locate different venues in the market. 

Use a Smartphone app to get directions on how to get to a store or shop in the market, give verbal instructions from this to your peers on finding their way there. Think about important information t you need to know before you can do this.  

From your Smartphone app directions, draw a manual map for your class to get from your school to a particular location in the market.  

Use weather for you online site to work out daily temperature differences for a week in your location.

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